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Understanding Duct Sealing

Reasons Why You Should Install Insulation

If you live in a home that uses centralized air-conditioning and heating systems, you are using ducts to distribute cool and warm air to your entire home. If you find that your energy bills are unusually high, you might have a problem with your duct system. Ducts that have leaks, breaks, and holes in them can account for up to 30 percent lost air, which means increased utility bills and difficulties in keeping your home comfortable.

Aside from rising energy costs, you will also notice a few other things in your home when your duct system has leaks and holes. Inconsistent heating from room to room is a sign of duct leaks. When you suspect that your ductwork has holes and leaks in it, the solution to such a problem is duct sealing.

What is Duct Sealing?

Before and After Duct sealing

As the name implies, duct sealing is a process that helps seal off any holes and leaks in your ductwork. This will help make your duct system more efficient, thereby solving any issues with rising energy bills and uncomfortable rooms. This process involves a number of steps, and these include:

  • Inspection of your ductwork to determine where the holes and leaks are
  • Evaluation of your system to see if there are additional problems
  • Reconnection of any areas where disconnections are found
  • Repair of loose duct sections
  • Inspection of vents, registers, and your HVAC unit
  • Sealing of all ducts with the appropriate sealing option, which can include chemical sealants, mechanical sealing, and other options
  • Testing of ducts to make sure that all problems have been addressed

Benefits of Duct Sealing

When you have your ducts sealed to repair leaks, breaks, and disconnections in your ductwork, you will find that your rooms are much easier to heat and cool. You will also notice that your rising energy costs have subsided and your indoor air quality has improved.

To have your ducts checked and sealed at your home in Greater Columbus, OH, the company to call is Manville Home Performance. We can help you with your duct sealing and repair needs. Aside from helping you with your duct leaks and breaks, we can also help you with your home energy evaluation needs, and other energy efficiency solutions such as replacement doors and replacement windows.

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