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Crawl Space Encapsulation Service in Columbus, Ohio

Crawl Space Encapsulation Service in Columbus, Ohio

Your crawl space may provide you an easier way to access your property’s pipes, but encapsulating the area also improves your home energy savings. During summer, it’s hard to keep the indoors cool because the space beneath your floor is full of hot air. Usually, you’d use your AC units to counter the heat, but this consumes more energy. With crawl space encapsulation acting as a heat barrier, your home’s temperature stays consistent. This helps you lessen the usage of your cooling systems – saving you from paying high electricity bills. Crawl space encapsulation also improves your foundation’s structural integrity. The encapsulation material keeps your foundation moisture-free, which reduces the occurrence of mold, wood rot, and pests.

It's true that crawl space encapsulation solves several problems in your Columbus, Ohio property, so contact Manville Home Performance today for fast and efficient encapsulation installation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation is Made Simple with Manville Home Performance

Crawl Space Encapsulation Service in OH

It is impossible to search for crawl space encapsulation processes that you can do yourself, so get in touch with the professionals at Manville Home Performance. Not only do we have the equipment and expertise to encapsulate your crawl space correctly, but our decades of experience make the entire process simpler. What’s more, we use the 12 mil Antimicrobial extrusion laminated reinforced film by Tuff-Scrim™ to give your crawl space extra protection.

The 12 mil Antimicrobial crawl space liner is made of two layers: density polyethylene (LLDPE) and polyester string reinforcement scrim. These layers give the liner a non-toxic and environmentally safe quality. They also keep the film stable enough to withstand varying environments and temperature ranges.

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If you want Manville Home Performance to improve the state of your crawl space, contact us at 614-328-5558 for a free estimate. We also offer home energy evaluations and home insulation to further enhance your property’s energy saving qualities.