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Solar Attic Fans in Columbus, OH

Solar Attic Fans in Columbus, OH

Engineered for efficiency while optimizing space.

Driven by a state-of-the art, 25 Watt Polycrystalline solar panel, the Solar Attic Fan allows specially designed fan blades to move an incredible 1600CFM of air. This provides a superior airflow dynamic that is capable of removing hot, stagnant humid air from an attic space of up to 2300 square feet. The increased ventilation capacity also reduces the need for additional attic fan units resulting in fewer roof penetrations.

So quiet you won’t even know it’s there.

Product Solaratticfan

An exceptionally engineered device does its job without anyone ever knowing its there. Special attention to motor construction and a cylindrical design allow the Solar Attic Fan to operate without making any noticeable noise. Additionally, the unique design of this wonderful product doesn’t buffer the wind, thus eliminating aggravating wind noise produced by conventional attic fans.

Protect your most valuable investment.

By reducing your attics ambient air temperature and humidity levels, this powerful renewable energy product extends the useful life of your roof and attic-placed mechanical equipment while preventing premature degradation of your insulation and duct work.

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