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The Nest Thermostat in Columbus, OH

The Nest Thermostat

The simple way to manage your utilities.

The Nest learning thermostat will learn your individual or home occupancy habits and develop an in-depth schedule through a series of elaborate algorithms and activity sensors to maximize the efficiency of your heating and cooling. You personalize the comfort levels in your home and after a week, Nest will learn your habits (when you wake up, leave for work and when you go to bed) and will automatically manage your heating and cooling system for you, so you won’t have to continually monitor your thermostat.

Fully functional system to help save you money.

The future has arrived with the Nest thermostat. Here are just some of the conveniences you'll enjoy.

  • A unique series of tools such as
    • Auto Schedule
    • Auto- Away
    • Wi-Fi remote control
    • The Nest Leaf
    • Airwave
    • A diagram of your energy history
  • Product NestConnects to your Wi-Fi at your home or business to monitor the temperature outside and track weather patterns to efficiently manage your heating/ cooling system.
  • Management through your smart phone or on your computer. Nest will inform you of the most efficient temperature to manage your home or business and also chart your usage so you know how much you are saving each month.
  • Manage specialized heating and cooling systems such as dual fuel system (heat pump with forced air) and whole-home humidifier and dehumidifier systems.
Product Nest

Engineered by the brightest to cut your costs.

Engineered by the inventors and designers of the iPod and iPhone; the nest learning thermostat introduces a simple and independent method for taking control of your heating and cooling. Quit worrying about the hassles of continually monitoring your thermostat yourself and let nest start saving you money today!

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