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Wall Insulation for Properties in Greater Columbus, Ohio

Wall Insulation for Properties in Greater Columbus, Ohio

One of the best and most versatile energy-saving systems you can install in your property is home insulation. In general, insulation keeps your indoor temperature at a pleasant level during the summer and winter seasons. Insulation also helps you rely on your HVAC devices less, lowering your overall energy consumption and costs. In order to make the most of your insulation, you must insulate the correct area of your property. One place you can consider installing insulation is in your walls.

Why Insulate Your Walls?

Why Insulate Your Walls

Insulating your walls is a viable option when your attic already has enough insulation. The initial cost of wall insulation is expensive, but its long-term benefits are unmatched. Apart from providing you with increased energy efficiency and excellent temperature distribution, wall insulation also provides the following advantages:

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  • Seals air leaks - Air leaks are one of the biggest contributors to energy loss. Whenever there are cracks or holes on the wall, cool or warm air escapes and causes your systems to operate at full blast just to compensate. Insulation resolves your air leak problem by covering the gaps with the insulating material.
  • Insulation can soundproof rooms - Insulating materials are considerably thick. Because of this, your walls are given the ability to dampen sounds from adjacent rooms. This gives your property a significant amount of privacy, elevating home comfort as well.
  • Increase property’s resale value - Thanks to the benefits of wall insulation, your property’s resale value will increase with its addition. Potential buyers won’t overlook your insulation’s advantages, making it easier and faster to sell your building.

Types of Wall Insulation Material

You also have the choice of what type of insulation material you want to fill your walls with. The most commonly used materials include:

Why Insulate Your Walls

  • Fiberglass
  • Cellulose
  • Foam

As for the method of distribution, insulation can be integrated via loose fill or blown-in, batts and rolls, or rigid foam board. Wall insulation can be done in your exterior or interior walls. You can also have both types of walls insulated for maximum energy efficiency.

If you want to experience the benefits of wall insulation in your Greater Columbus, Ohio property, don’t hesitate to contact Manville Home Performance. It takes skill and experience to correctly install insulation so that you can get the best out of this system. Our home insulation service follows tried-and-tested installation procedures, and our technicians are fully licensed and certified. You can trust us to take care and complete this task with utmost efficiency and speed. Give us a call at 614-328-5558 and get a free estimate today.