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Sliding and Patio Door Installation in Greater Columbus, Ohio

Although all doors make entering and exiting any property easy, a handful of door designs offers more than just a means of access and egress. Sliding and patio doors, for example, are made with large panes of glass, providing you with better outdoor views. When you get an unobstructed view of your garden or landscaping, it feels like you’re inviting the outside scenery inside your home. This kind of design choice improves your property’s overall aesthetic and indoor décor.

Other Advantages of Sliding and Patio Doors

Unlike other doors, sliding and patio doors enhance your lifestyle by providing you with the following advantages:

Save Space

Sliding and patio doors don’t occupy a lot of space when in use. Since they operate without a hinge, they don’t swing open. Instead, they simply glide smoothly along a track.

Save Energy

Sliding and patio doors that are fitted with composite gaskets are great insulators as well. The gaskets offer optimal thermal insulation, effectively acting as a weather and sound barrier. These doors can also be equipped with Low-E glass coatings and glazing to control the amount of heat that penetrates the doors.

Improved Indoor/Outdoor Flow and Natural Lighting

You won’t exert a lot of effort opening and closing sliding and patio doors, so you can effortlessly enter and exit your property. The doors’ large panes of glass also allow more sunlight in, which helps create a warm and naturally bright indoor atmosphere.

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Keeps You Safe

Although these doors look like they easily break, many of today’s sliding and patio doors come with shatterproof glass. Some even have a security foot latch that slides over to keep anyone from breaking in or opening the door from the outside.

If you want to install a sliding or patio door in your home to complete your property’s appearance, contact Manville Home Performance today. We distribute and install masterfully crafted patio and sliding doors to properties in Greater Columbus, Ohio. With our fully licensed and certified experts handling the installation, the new or replacement door won’t encounter any damage. Just give us a call at 614-328-5558 for a free estimate.