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Window Grid Options in Greater Columbus, OH

If your replacement windows are starting to look plain, there are several things you can do to make them more appealing. You can have their frames painted or even get them tinted, but the easiest method has to be installing new window grids.

Window grids are manufactured strips that give windows a grid-like pattern or divide them into smaller panes of glass. They can be made from different materials such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, or milled PVC. They’re very versatile and easy to work with. Plus, they feature several advantages, which include:

Affordable Prices

You don’t have to spend too much to update your property’s appearance. Window grids are accessible and quite affordable, with kits costing as low as $15 per window.

Suits any Window Style

No matter what kind of window type you have at home, window grids can complement them all. Because of this, you can change the theme of your home as easily and as frequently as possible.

The Variety of Patterns

Manville Home Performance knows that not all homeowners share the same tastes when it comes to window decorations. That’s why we provide the following window grid patterns to satisfy everyone in Greater Columbus, Ohio:

  • Classic white
  • Classic beige
  • Contoured white
  • Contoured beige
  • Contoured soft maple
  • Contoured rich maple
  • Contoured light oak
  • Contoured dark oak
  • Contoured foxwood
  • Contoured cherry
  • Craftsman (operating or fixed)
  • Cold tone brass
  • Narrow brass
  • Colonial
  • Diamond
  • Prairie
  • Double prairie

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If you want to give your windows a bit more flair, contact Manville Home Performance today. We can help you choose a window grid pattern that fits your home’s aesthetic so it will look exactly like what you’ve envisioned. Our window experts can install the strips for you to ensure that the grids are evenly spaced. Give us a call at 614-328-5558 for a free estimate. Our friendly operators are ready to take your requests.